Hi! I´m Tom, a ToK tutor hailing from the UK but currently based in Spain

My time helping IB students get their heads around the massive (but highly rewarding!) challenge that is ToK began in 2012 while I was working at Regent’s International School in Pattaya, Thailand.

Since graduating from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Philosophy and Religion, I have taught at schools in Spain, tutored for one of the UK´s leading private tuition companies and worked as an examiner. These days however, my focus is very much on helping IB students around the world tackle what is arguably the toughest component of the DP.

Do also check out my YouTube channel where I provide assessment tips, topic explanations and insights into essay titles.

Should you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to get in touch with me at tom@toklifeline.com or via the contact form below.

You may be wondering…


At risk of sounding a little smug, unlike most ToK teachers and tutors, I have an educational background in the subject having studied epistemology (which is just the fancy way of saying theory of knowledge*) as part of my degree. This combined with my years of working as a teacher and tutor means that I am well placed to resolve your most pressing ToK doubts.

*I do need to stress that the IB´s ToK course is NOT a philosophy course, but it does draw from key elements of epistemology such as the nature and scope of knowledge.

Several things really… 

Online tutoring sessions during which we can talk through any problems you may have with your work, written feedback on your essays and/or exhibition to identify areas for improvement, as well as title specific guides to help you get to grips with the different questions and topics.

If any of these services are of interest to you, feel free to send me an email for further information and fees.

Whilst I charge for tutoring, feedback and essay guides, you can find some free resources here to help you plan and write your essay/exhibition. I also cover different essay titles and other TOK topics on my YouTube channel.

Whilst I typically use Zoom, feel free to let me know if you would prefer to use another platform such as Google Meets, Microsoft Teams or Skype.

As I tend to be a lot busier during certain periods (especially closer to hand-in dates), I do strongly recommend booking tutoring sessions, or sending me your feedback, in advance whenever possible.

Nevertheless, if you need help immediately please get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as possible and hopefully also fit you in.

I also offer an SOS same-day written feedback service if you need to receive advice within 12 hours.

Sorry, no. What I do offer is help with understanding the questions, advice on structure and content (AoK’s, RLE’s etc.) and providing you with the necessary guidance on writing a high-quality essay, or exhibition, that meets the requirements of the IB marking rubric. 









SOS Lifeline: Same Day Support

If your deadline is coming up fast and you need urgent help, don´t panic, I can give you written feedback on your draft within 12 hours

I may also be able to offer last-minute tutoring sessions, so feel free to send me an email tom@toklifeline.com to request one of these.

In the rare case that I unable to provide either of these services you will be notified immediately.

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